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Media Buying:


 International Media Buying

  • Chrysolite is First Indian company specialised in Foreign media and focused in Plastics Industry for media buying, we can also help you to buy space in international News Papers
  • Chrysolite can also book your advertorial in international plastics media and news papers
  • Chrysolite can barter with international Plastics Media if there is chance for bartering and save US$ 40000 to 50000

 Domestic - Special Sections

 Domestic Media Buying

  • Chrysolite can get your Media Buying in Cheaper price (Your Pay Direct – YPD or by Advance Payment) other than any other agencies across and better price than in the market in major news papers across India (We can save up to 40-50 Lacs or more)  

  Special Sections

  • Chrysolite can create special section in Major Magazines and News Papers across the world before the show and during the show.