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Social Media:


Face book  
  • Real Likes Optimized based on user interests on the subjects
  • E.g. If a person is from plastics industry then the ads are only catered to them.
  • Monthly Likes 1,000  - 10,000 Average
  • Which even can reach much more some times depending on search
  • Promoted Tweets
  • No cost to display advertise
  • Only pay when someone clicks
  • Reach to more than 10,000 people per month
  • Which can increase up to 50,000 per people month
  • Pay per 1000 Impressions model
  • Reach professionals specific to industry
  • Get up to 2000 – 5000 impressions per month from proven track
  • More conversions for genuine professionals
  • Its only for professional no time wasters
  • Get 1000 – 2000 Monthly view of video ads on YouTube
  • Video ads show up before videos
  • Available on Desktop, Mobile, Tablet Versions
  • Gives more opportunity to show quality content
  • Guaranteed Coverage of Videos